Case Study – Satellite / Cable

Concern: Piracy

A major cable satellite television provider came across a subject who was dealing in satellite equipment illegally and had even opened an office in a retail shopping plaza. Ethos Risk Services investigators were asked to research the individual and his companies and engage in business with the subject.

Actions Taken:

1. Determined that the subject was not only installing hundreds of illegal satellite receivers, but also promoting the service and even teaching others the business.

2. Found that the subject was employing software to decrypt the provider’s signal and effectively pirate the programming.

3. Conducted months of undercover meetings, covert surveillance operations, purchases and testing to help the client build a case.

4. The provider was able to serve a civil action against the subject under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The subject’s business was shut down and the provider was awarded damages in the form of equipment and restitution.

Bottom Line: Ethos eliminated the local operation and destroyed the piracy social network.

Positive Outcome: The Ethos team acted quickly by determining the pressure point of the problem to protect the media distribution pathway for the satellite provider. Furthermore, the investigators became embedded in the piracy community and identified numerous additional points of potential exposure.

Case Exposure: $1,125,000.00 (750 each @$1,500.00 per subscription & device installed)

Ethos case investigation resulted in: $965,000.00 Savings (case exposure – case investment = Savings)

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