IMI-Internet Mining Investigation

This game-changing investigative tool is a multifaceted, intensive Internet investigation that’s designed to provide our clients with unprecedented amounts of information about their subject. It’s a deep dive into Social Media and much, much more. Ours is a one of a kind process that utilizes all social elements of the Internet, from the basics like Facebook to far beyond.

Why is the Ethos IMI a good choice for you?

– We start by checking all the popular social networking sites. Almost everyone has a social media profile these days and many folks like to post detailed information regarding their social lives, hobbies or vacation plans. This content sometimes conflicts with the reported facts of insurance claims (possibly yours).

– We then perform a series of intensive searches of social and business media, sports enthusiast sites, local and specialized Internet sites, and conduct deep and invisible web mining to obtain as much information about your claimant as possible. If the data is there, we will find it.

– The information obtained during an IMI provides a very detailed snapshot of your claimant’s activity level before you send an investigator out into the field. At your direction, we can use that data to craft a smart, efficient surveillance plan that dramatically multiplies the likelihood of documenting claimant activity.

Our Internet Mining Investigations are like nothing else in the industry. Try one today and experience the Ethos Difference for yourself. Call Us today! T: 866-783-0525 | F: 866-695-9645


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