Online Monitoring & Purchase

Ethos’ online monitoring and purchase programs are beyond compare in the risk mitigation industry

These multifaceted, intensive Internet investigations are designed to provide clients with unprecedented amounts of information regarding their products and associated online sellers. Considered deep dive reconnaissance, the programs reveal movement of counterfeit, diverted, and stolen goods which immediately impacts your brand protection and product security bottom line.

Why is a partnership with Ethos the right choice for you?

– We start by carefully reviewing your needs and objectives, and customize the right approach to maximize results and maintain efficiency. We create a tailored yet flexible program that not only fits your needs, but adapts and maneuvers to meet current business trends and concerns. Honestly, achieving your desired result is our number one goal.

– Ethos routinely goes beyond traditional problem sites such as eBay and Amazon to explore hidden complications both domestically and abroad. This may include, among others, Craigslist, Alibaba, TaoBao, and Mercado Libre as well as dedicated seller websites.

– Research, investigation, documentation, and follow-up can include online monitoring programs and purchases. Plus, Ethos maintains discreet resources and can source product via a myriad of order, purchase, and payment options both online and in the field.

Clearly, our online monitoring and purchase programs are like nothing else in the industry. Please contact us today and experience the Ethos Difference for yourself.

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