Operation Clockwork

Your caseload is big enough to sink a freighter. Do you really have time to coddle mediocre investigative vendors? We thought not.
With that in mind, Ethos Risk Services employs Operation Clockwork , a no-hassle, no-surprises approach to surveillance. A clear, easy, and repeatable process, Operation Clockwork allows you the client to both assign and keep an informed eye on your files in a prompt, efficient manner. To further save you time, we’ve highlighted the key interactive points below.

1. YOU: Launch Operation Clockwork

Assign your case via phone, email, or Ethos’ evestigate system. An Ethos Risk Services Operations Manager takes responsibility for your case and acts as your single point of contact for the file.

2. WE: Get the Scoop

The Ethos team conducts a preliminary investigation based on sound fact-finding and deep intelligence gathering across a wide range of nationwide databases. Ethos field investigators receive current information and a professional case analysis before surveillance begins.

3. WE: Capture Video Evidence

Armed with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, our field investigators boast an impressive video percentage rate. We have the ability to obtain traditional outdoor documentation or covert indoor video depending on the claimant’s activities.

4. YOU: Stay in the Loop

Each business day following surveillance, you receive an update ( your choice: phone or email) including how much video was obtained of your claimant’s activities. Based on the latest findings, we fine-tune our surveillance strategies and provide you with options to obtain the best possible results.

5. YOU: Plan Your Next Move

The Ethos media team compiles video and case results for your use.Ethos provides you with a report and DVD and/or video link with full details.


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