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I’m a journalist at heart. Always have been.

As a kid in New Jersey, I started my own sports publication. The content featured baseball standings and stories based on Mets games I’d seen on TV. I subsequently worked for our town’s twice-weekly newspaper, earned a journalism degree, and bounced around as a sports editor and freelance writer before transitioning into the risk mitigation industry.

Immediately, I noticed a number of similarities between the fields: legalities involved with obtaining photographic/video documentation, information gathering practices, hyper-attentiveness to detail, etc.

I also found a significant—and welcome—difference.

Newspapers traditionally operate on a seniority-based employment system. Sometimes labeled “the old boy network,” hiring and promotion were limited to who you knew and what you did 20 years ago rather than actual talent. This archaic practice, along with an admitted shift in information dissemination trends, caused print outlets to lose a myriad of skilled young writers to the new media.

On the flip side, the first risk mitigation company for which I first worked prided itself on hiring bright young minds and complementing them with a crew of seasoned veterans. The business boomed. Both profits and morale were high. Eventually, though, a larger corporation, we’ll call it Incompetence, Inc., bought us.

The culture changed quickly. Some of those bright young minds departed to start their own business ventures. Incompetence, Inc., implemented its own version of “the old boy network” to replace them. Without detailing the comedy of errors that followed—and trust me, it was comedic—the once-promising enterprise was absorbed. Its identity, eradicated.

Game over.

However, the sun did rise again, and with it came Ethos Risk Services. Featuring a diverse team that boasts talent and experience, the company hires quality, nurtures quality, and, in turn, attracts more quality.

As someone charged with handling newsletter responsibilities for Ethos (I’m still clinging to the journalist thing), I interview an employee in every issue in a feature called “The Ethos Eight.” The credentials I uncover never cease to impress.

Chris Salgado, our Midwest Regional Director, majored in political science and law with a minor in psychology. Under his watch, Ethos recently located and hired an investigator who received the Medal of Honor.

Eric Boyette, Ethos’ Director of Special Investigations, holds a criminal justice degree. He has built a lengthy career in this industry, beginning as a field investigator and advancing to a variety of managerial roles.

Mike Jaczweski, Vice President, Security Consulting and Brand Protection, served in the U.S. Coast Guard. Ski, as he’s known, is no stranger to long hours and attention to detail. Not coincidentally, his department is flourishing at Ethos.

Despite opening its doors during the heart of an economic recession, Ethos has grown every year since its inception. The reason is simple.

The company prides itself on quality. Quality results. Quality products. Quality personnel.

Game on.