When people ask what I do for a living, I explain that I work in risk mitigation. More often than not, I’m met with a quizzical look followed by the question, “So you’re an attorney?”

To avoid an extended narrative detailing the industry ins and outs, I generally choose the most entertaining element of the job.

“No, not an attorney,” I say.  “We investigate stuff like fraud.”

Most people are very interested when I mention words like fraud and surveillance, especially when I hit them with my favorite investigative stories.  As a communications associate at Ethos, and serving in the same capacity with other companies for a decade or so, I’ve reviewed thousands of investigative reports. I’ve seen dancers with back injuries, construction workers with bum shoulders, and even a dancer working construction.

Okay, I never saw that. Unless you count “Flashdance.”

Unlike that perky steel town girl, our claimants have far less noble goals than attending an esteemed dance academy.   Which brings me to the gist of this blog.

With the weather warming nationwide, fraudulent claimants are ripe for the picking. I can say with 100-percent certainty that spring and summer surveillance reaps many rewards for our clients.  For whatever reason, when the sun shines brightly across crystal blue skies, claimants get careless.

Landscaping, beach volleyball, boat outings, 5K runs, softball games…I’ve read it all. Truly, warm weather surveillance is one of the few locks in an unpredictable industry.

Don’t assume infallibility, however. That doesn’t exist. However, the odds at this time of year are certainly in your favor.

And trust me. When you receive that DVD or video link with an hour-plus of damaging video, you’ll be singing “What a Feeling” all the way to the bank.