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Ethos Eight: Jeremy Skehan

Jeremy Skehan

1) Ethos Risk Services: Where were you born and raised?

Jeremy Skehan: I was born and raised in a section of the Bronx known as Woodlawn (NY).

2) ERS: What is your educational/military background?

JS: I served in the Marine Corps Reserve after high school and became a police officer at the age of 22. I received an early retirement, so I went back to school for a BA concentrating in Legal Studies. I also went to law school for a couple of semesters before deciding that I wasn’t enjoying the experience, so that’s when I stumbled into the PI business

3) ERS: What led you to Ethos?

JS: I was working at another PI firm in NY along with another PI who is now an Ethos investigator. A friend of ours told us that Ethos was recruiting, so we applied and almost 4 years later we’re both still with the company.

4) ERS: As an investigator, you’ve undoubtedly seen your share of the unforgettable. What is your favorite or most memorable story from the field?

JS: I’ve had a few rather astonishing moments in the field, but I think my most memorable moment came when I was working as an operations manager overseeing an investigation. Our client had a high seven-figure exposure on a TBI claim that was scheduled for trial and they desperately wanted surveillance of the plaintiff. We had a team of investigators doing surveillance at multiple locations throughout upstate NY, but there was just no sign of him. Then one of our great field investigators started searching county clerk records for property deeds and found that the plaintiff’s girlfriend’s father had a vacation home in an area a couple of hours away. We checked there and found the plaintiff’s girlfriend who we followed back to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and that led us to the claimant. Our investigators donned camouflage and went into the woods to obtain video of the plaintiff riding tractors, digging ditches, carrying heavy items, and otherwise appearing quite healthy. Through the excellent work of our field investigators, our client was able to settle the claim for an amount that was “highly favorable” to the insured.

5) ERS: Okay, let’s step away from the workplace for some random questions. What is the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?

JS: Assuming we’re talking Mega Millions or Powerball amounts, I’d buy a compound with homes for my immediate and extended family. I adore my family and would love to live close to all of them.

6) ERS: If you could have lunch with any person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

JS: Thomas Jefferson. He was brilliant and unbelievably eloquent, and he lived through such an exciting time.

7) ERS: What is the worst song lyric you’ve ever heard?

JS: The theme song to Barney the Purple Dinosaur. It’s 20 years later and it still haunts me.

8) ERS: If you woke up tomorrow and discovered you were the greatest athlete on the planet, what position would you play, in what sport, and for what team?

JS:  I think I’d fight in the UFC. Two competitors locked in a cage and only one of them can come away the winner; the thrill of the fight and no one else but yourself to blame if you don’t get it done.



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