Medical Management

The Right Care at the Right Time

Optimal medical outcomes prevent escalation of disability costs.

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“Ethos has been a great partner in implementing program changes that make our team more effective and significantly impact claim outcomes.

“Operating under a very short time frame, Ethos was able to convert our data and map it to our claims system to make the transition relatively painless. We very much appreciate their willingness to go this extra mile. Also, their portal streamlines the process and is very much appreciated by our staff.”

“Ethos timeliness and accuracy in bill review are a big part of our high-performer status with the Division of Workers’ Compensation."

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical management can be complex. Reach out to us if you have additional questions not answered here.

What is Workers’ Compensation Utilization Review (UR) and why is it used?

Can Utilization Review be used in all states?

Can medical treatment be managed under Utilization Review?

Is Utilization Review the same as a Peer Review?

The Wrong Medical Oversight Will Cost You Time and Money

Medical management isn't a guessing game. Get it wrong and everyone loses. Start now and keep your claim on the right track.