What's In Our Name?

Principles, Code, and Character

The Greek term Ethos has many translations in the english language including Point, Principles, Code, and Character. The revered philosopher Aristotle actually broadened Ethos to encompass expertise and knowledge. In modern English, Ethos is the basis for the word ethics. Aware of the positive connotations of the word and the nature of our business, we felt that Ethos was the perfect name for our organization. First and foremost, our character, principles, and code of ethics will never be compromised.

In addition, we at Ethos Risk Services conduct all our business affairs based on the guiding values of integrity and honor. And finally, the spirit and attitude that Ethos Risk Services embodies will always be of the utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to utilizing our knowledge and expertise to best serve our clients, and we believe that by adhering to the ideals inherent in our name, Ethos Risk Services will be the solution to all your risk mitigation needs.

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