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What’s Included with an IME?

An IME provides a medical evaluation by a doctor not previously involved in the claim. It is based on reviewing existing documentation and a physical exam. A necessity when causality is questioned. Physicians look for:

General physical assessment Image

General physical assessment

Other contributing factors, such as prior injury Image

Other contributing factors, such as prior injury

Objective and subjective manifestations of injury Image

Objective and subjective manifestations of injury

Signs of deception Image

Signs of deception

The 3-step plan

Get Answers in 3 Easy Steps

When you have questions, you need answers. If you are seeing red flags or there is potential litigation ahead, the sooner you request an IME the better your outcome will be for the claim.

What our customers are saying

"Ethos has been a valuable business partner going on six years now. Their timeliness and accuracy are a big part of our high-performer status with the Division of Workers’ Compensation."

"Ethos has been a great partner that makes our team more effective and significantly impacts claim outcomes."

"My non-represented file that could have turned ugly…returned to work on modified duty yesterday after having surgery. Ethos really helped out and together as a team we kept him from litigation and kept his claim cost low."


If you need more information, please reach out and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Do IME’s always need addendums?

Can I add additional requests on the day of the IME?

If I haven’t been sent the IME report yet but the IME has been completed, can I ask additional questions of the doctor instead of using an addendum?

Is it better to ask for general recommendations or be more specific in my line of questioning?

A Second Opinion Could Save You…

Independent verification saves you from losses due to litigation, time and money spent on wrong recovery plans, or outright fraud.