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“The investigation will definitely result in completely changing the outcome of this claim…The report is thorough and an example of: professionalism, accuracy and integrity. I want to extend my many thanks to the investigator for a job well done!”

“Everything went well. We love Ethos. We appreciate the effort and the video obtained. Claimant was a police officer and the investigator managed to still get good results.”

“I am extremely pleased with Ethos turnaround time and the fact that such good information was found on a hospital canvass. All of my future canvasses are going to Ethos Risk Services.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you use subcontractors for investigations?

What is the background of your investigators?

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Proof Makes Your Job Easier & Verification More Credible

Resolving a claim without all the information can cost you money, or worse. Guesswork isn’t a good strategy, be sure with undeniable investigative evidence.