Digital Investigations

Stop Fraud with Proof

Verify claims with concrete digital investigation evidence and Open Source Intelligence.

Trust but Verify

Fraud Hurts Everyone

Open source and digital information provide a bounty of critical information you need to paint a complete picture of truth. You need actionable insights to make the best decisions for your organization. Avoid costly missteps with exposure to:


Fake or exaggerated injury claims


Conflicts of interest or associations


Embellished work history or phony credentials


Combat Misinformation with Truth

Get access to the hidden information they might not want you to see. With a digital investigation you can make confident decisions.

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Verify Information Quickly

Discover fraud faster with a combination of proven technology and deeply trained investigators to keep your claim on track

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Save Money

Avoid the pitfalls of misleading claims and information that cost massive amounts of time and valuable resources if not discovered.

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Tailored To Your Needs

However large or small your project is, get it suited to your requirements so you can stay focused and make confident decisions.

Digital Investigations

What Open Source Intelligence Provides

If it can be posted online, it can be found online.

Look at What Our Customers Are Saying

"Very speedy turnaround times with optimum results for our claims decision."

"Everything went well. We love Ethos. We appreciate the effort and the video obtained. Claimant was a police officer and the investigator managed to still get good results."

"I am extremely pleased with Ethos turnaround time and the fact that such good information was found on a hospital canvass. All of my future canvasses are going to Ethos Risk Services."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for most standard cases?

Can you obtain bank/financial statements?

Can you preserve someone’s temporary media such as Snapchat?

Can you search someone’s account set to private, such as on Instagram?

Can you preserve videos posted on social media?

Can you obtain meta-data from social media?

Trust But Verify

Cross Fraud Off Your List

You need confirmation of stated and implied information. Without true verification you run the risk of fraud costing your organization time and money.