Claims Investigations

Identify and Eliminate Fraud

Special Investigation Units (SIU) prevent fraud from hijacking your claims.


Don’t Ignore the Red Flags Waving at You

The truth is, you aren't sure what's true. And that is too much risk for your claim. Fraud has many faces and can be hard to recognize. Sometimes it’s not even intentional. Get investigation help and avoid:


Wasting time getting the runaround


Unnecessary financial losses


Inadvertently contributing to crime


Special Investigations Unit

This is where you come when you need professional help getting hard to find answers. Verify your claim faster with actionable reporting. 

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Get the evidence you need from the expert patience and tenacity of our professional investigations team. We won’t stop until you get you what you need.

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You can trust the results from investigators that are experienced in being in the right place at the right time. Verify your claim with hard facts.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

Resolve your claim faster with the most advanced tools of the trade, manned or unmanned. The Information you need can’t hide from the best equipment.

Simple or complex - get the answers you need

Investigations for Every Situation

Maybe you have all the information, maybe not. But you have to be sure. SIU work requires persistence, accuracy, and fierce attention to detail. Be confident in your verification with:

Look at What Our Customers Are Saying

“Very speedy turnaround times with optimum results for our claims decision.”

“I am extremely pleased with Ethos turnaround time and the fact that such good information was found on a hospital canvass. All of my future canvasses are going to Ethos Risk Services.”

"Everything went well. We love Ethos. We appreciate the effort and the video obtained. Claimant was a police officer and the investigator managed to still get good results."

Get Your Investigation Started in 3 Easy Steps

Quality SIU investigations save you time and money, and drastically lower your risk exposure. Having all the facts helps you make informed claim decisions that produce optimal outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are investigators allowed to document claimants while inside of their residence?

Are investigators able to document claimants in their back yard if they have a privacy fence?

Where is covert video permissible during a surveillance?

What techniques are used to locate a claimant?

What time does a typical surveillance start?

How long does a surveillance last?

What are the surveillance coverage areas at Ethos Risk Services?

Don’t Let Fraud Win

Assuming you have all the facts is a risky game. Don’t get exposed to those losses, get an investigator on your case and be sure.