Medical Canvassing

Uncover the Complete Treatment History

Make informed claims decisions with all the data


What Partial Information Costs You

Accurately evaluating injuries and assigning a proper value to the claim is difficult, especially if you don’t have the complete treatment history. Making decisions without a complete history opens you up to:


Paying for prior injuries


Improperly valuing damages


Overlooking comorbidities


Fraud indicators

Close Claims Faster

What You Can Do With the Complete Picture

Leverage a medical canvass to uncover your claimant’s complete medical history and accurately evaluate injuries.

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Faster Resolutions

Determine the appropriate strategy based on canvass results and take action to resolve claims swiftly.

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Only Pay What You Owe

Leveraging treatment data allows you to accurately assess the injury's value in your claim, differentiating it from unrelated factors. This ensures you only pay what you truly owe, promoting fairness and accuracy in settlements.

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Uncover Potential Fraud

Spot the red flags that highlight suspicious treatment history patterns to better inform your decisions.


Medical Canvassing

Get the full treatment history you need through our proprietary Universal Database that leaves no stone unturned

What our customers are saying

"Ethos has been a valuable business partner going on six years now. Their timeliness and accuracy are a big part of our high-performer status."

"Ethos has been a great partner that makes our team more effective and significantly impacts claim outcomes."

"My non-represented file that could have turned ugly…returned to work on modified duty yesterday after having surgery. Ethos really helped out and together as a team we kept him from litigation and kept his claim cost low."

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Your claim questions are stressful enough, the solutions shouldn’t be. Customize a plan to stay within budget and get the best possible outcome for your claim. Ditch the complexity, get the simplicity.


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When would I need to order a Medical Canvass?

How is a Medical Canvass performed?

Is a Medical Canvass HIPAA approved?

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Don’t Risk Paying for Old Injuries

You need to know the full scope of treatment history no matter how long ago it was, or where it took place. Get those answers with a medical canvass today.