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Cost saving solutions that also account for Medicare’s interests.


Future Care Conundrum

When Medicare is not the primary payer on a claim, federal law dictates another bearer is responsible - typically workers compensation, no fault and liability. If you aren’t sure how to handle this type of complex and tedious case you are facing big risks:


Grossly unnecessary or inflated costs


Lack of Medicare interest accountability


Danger of not settling the claim


MSP Compliance You Can Easily Manage

MSP services are not as difficult to navigate if you use the right experts to find solutions. Trade in the headaches for optimal outcomes.

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Built-in Compliance

Avoid costly fines and security risks with our SOC 2 Type 2 systems founded on fidelity to federal Medicare guidelines.

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Save Money

Say goodbye to inflated, ongoing expenses. With efficient management of MSP and MSA you can be confident the dollars are staying where they belong.

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Speedy Claim Resolution

A tech-forward approach prioritizes efficiency to keep your claims moving forward faster than ever before.

Full Suite of MSP & MSA Solutions

Get access to everything your claim needs.

What our customers are saying

"Ethos has been a valuable business partner going on six years now. Their timeliness and accuracy are a big part of our high-performer status."

"Ethos has been a great partner that makes our team more effective and significantly impacts claim outcomes."

"My non-represented file that could have turned ugly…returned to work on modified duty yesterday after having surgery. Ethos really helped out and together as a team we kept him from litigation and kept his claim cost low."

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Your claim questions are stressful enough, the solutions shouldn’t be. Customize a plan to stay within budget and get the best possible outcome for your claim. Ditch the complexity, get the simplicity.


If you need more information, please reach out and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

When does a Medicare Set Aside need to be completed?

What does it mean to be in the “waiting period”?

When is it appropriate for CMS to review a Medicare Set Aside?

What happens if/when the Medicare Set Aside funds are exhausted?

When should a Medical Cost Projection be considered?

Don’t Risk Your Claim Settlement

If you don’t have Medicare compliance you risk fines, and worse you end up paying for years of unnecessary costs. Get your MSP claim on track today.