Utilization Management

The Right Care at the Right Time

Medical treatment consistent with evidence-based practice.


Why Does Accreditation Matter?

If you don't have national coverage that includes credentialed, board-certified clinical reviewers you are taking big risks.


Late decisions from missed compliance


Isolated code automation


Confusion from lack of transparency


The Simplicity of Utilization Review

Manage all aspects of your medical claims knowing injured workers are being provided with timely and appropriate care.

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Certified Practitioners Image

Certified Practitioners

Licensed nurses and board certified physicians ensure optimal outcomes

Stop Unnecessary Expenses Image

Stop Unnecessary Expenses

Proactive management reduces the costs that come from sub-par and reactive treatment plans

Evidence-Based Guidelines Image

Evidence-Based Guidelines

Data-driven plans based on medical evidence help you manage claims from initiation to resolution

Full Suite of Utilization Services

Get access to everything your claim needs.

What our customers are saying

"Ethos has been a valuable business partner going on six years now. Their timeliness and accuracy are a big part of our high-performer status."

"Ethos has been a great partner that makes our team more effective and significantly impacts claim outcomes."

"My non-represented file that could have turned ugly…returned to work on modified duty yesterday after having surgery. Ethos really helped out and together as a team we kept him from litigation and kept his claim cost low."

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Your claim questions are stressful enough, the solutions shouldn’t be. Customize a plan to stay within budget and get the best possible outcome for your claim. Ditch the complexity, get the simplicity.


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What is Workers’ Compensation Utilization Review (UR) and why is it used?

Can Utilization Review be used in all states?

Can medical treatment be managed under Utilization Review?

Is Utilization Review the same as a Peer Review?

Don’t Get Stuck Paying More

Utilization management keeps you compliant, saves you unnecessary costs, and gets injured workers the care they really need. Don't risk losing more time and money, talk to us today.