The Ethos Pledge

We will honor and serve your bottom line

• We will strive to meet your objectives in the most cost-effective manner possible.

• We will tell you forthright if we feel your assignments lack financial merit or practicality.

• We will contact you if, during an investigation, positive results appear impossible.

• We will provide affordable “preliminary” services to determine if further work would be beneficial.

• We will update you immediately should additional expenses be expected or incurred.

We will be punctual, pro-active, and professional

• We will rank among this industry’s leaders in turnaround times for both surveillance and SIU files.

• We will doggedly pursue any and all answers, both in-house and in the field, to ensure your objectives are met.

• We will strictly adhere to all state and federal laws so that each and every one of our investigations is legally sound.

• We will only utilize experienced, thoroughly trained investigators.

We will have what you need, where you need it

• We will arm you with our full arsenal of risk mitigation weapons including surveillance, security consulting and brand

protection, employment screening, data support services, and adjusting services.

• We will continue operation in all 50 states.

• We will continue to expand our international presence. We have performed investigative work in over 40 countries.

We will communicate and remain accessible

• We will acknowledge receipt of all assignments.

• We will provide consistent updates as work on your file progresses.

• We will have a designated point of contact for you to call or email with questions, comments, or concerns.

• We will inform you of your assignment’s completion and send you a professionally prepared final product.

We will value your business

• We will continue to operate with the true service partner mentality upon which Ethos Risk Services was founded.

• We will approach each assignment with the mindset that your bottom line is our bottom line.

• We will adhere to any extraordinary guidelines that your company mandates.

• We will employ the latest in investigative technology to obtain the best and most productive results possible.

• We will work tirelessly to ensure that your Ethos experience is worthy of another Ethos experience.


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