Best Catch

While we normally recognize the efforts of our human investigators, the unmanned surveillance results that we’ve been getting for our clients lately leave us with no choice but to select the Ethos Chameleon Cam for our latest Best Catch award.

In case you haven’t heard, the Ethos Chameleon Cam is the most advanced smart-cam in the industry, documenting claimant activity remotely, in real time, while being monitored from our headquarters in Florida.  The Chameleon Cam’s patent-pending technology is fully modular and can be inserted into a full-spectrum of housings designed to best fit the needs of the location.

Since its introduction last year, the Chameleon Cam has gotten amazing for our clients, capturing countless hours of claimant video.   The video has included claimants performing household repairs, yard work, vehicle maintenance, and even moving heavy furniture.

In one recent case, the Chameleon Cam was able to obtain extensive video of a claimant who had reportedly been disabled due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.  The claimant indicated that that his injuries left him with severe physical limitations and that he was no longer able to ride his motorcycle or lift more than 15 pounds.

Ethos personnel discreetly set up a Chameleon Cam with a direct view of the claimant’s residence using one of our many available camera housings designed to blend in almost anywhere.  On the first day, documentation was obtained of the claimant arriving at his residence and retrieving several items from his vehicle.

Over the course of the following three days, extensive documentation was obtained of the claimant coming and going from his residence in his car and also his motorcycle, which he reportedly was unable to ride.  After apparently making a trip to the grocery store, the claimant was documented as he carried 4-5 full plastic shopping bags in each hand from his vehicle into his residence, which appeared to greatly exceed his 15 pound lifting restriction.  The claimant was also documented performing maintenance work on his car, which included crawling underneath the vehicle and rotating the tires, each estimated to weigh approximately 25 pounds.

By the time our technicians retrieved the Chameleon Cam, it had obtained hours of exactly the kind of footage our client was hoping for.   Thrilled with the investigation and the potential for similar results, our client ordered several additional Chameleon Cam placements for their files.

Contact your Ethos representative today to learn more about the Chameleon Cam and how you can benefit from its many advantages over traditional surveillance.



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