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Internet Mining

Concern: CrossFit Competition


An insurance company requested Ethos conduct an activity check on a suspicious auto accident claim. The goal of this investigation was to determine the claimant’s level of activity after a reported spinal injury. Ethos recommended an Internet Mining Investigation to establish a timeline and pattern of the claimant’s post-injury activity.



Actions Taken:

  1. Ethos conducted an Internet Mining Investigation on the claimant which included searches of social media, business related websites, blogs, meta-search engines, and sports enthusiast websites.
  2. During this investigation, it was determined that the claimant was a member of a local CrossFit gym. Multiple
    photographs of the claimant in a gym setting were located and documented within our final report.
  3. Utilizing our unique “Three degrees of separation” approach, Ethos identified the name, location, and operating hours of the claimant’s CrossFit gym. Further, photographs of the claimant participating in two CrossFit competitions after the date of loss were identified through the gym’s social media pages.

Bottom Line:

Ethos Risk Services’ Digital Fraud Investigators uncovered court-admissible evidence of the claimant’s post-injury activities which were inconsistent with a spinal injury claim.

Positive Outcome

Ethos Risk Services’ Internet Mining Investigation was instrumental in settling our client’s case. Images of the claimant actively involved in CrossFit competitions (after the date of loss) allowed our client to illustrate the disparity between the spinal injury claim and the claimant’s activities.

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