Client Testimonials

Hear that? It’s the Ethos buzz. Whether customer or employee, folks are proud to be associated with the Ethos Risk Services team.

“Thank you for the thorough investigation. Excellent result!”

Sarah, National Claims Director

“I just wanted to say what a fantastic job your investigator did on this file. I really appreciate it. Thanks”

Andrea, Claims Adjuster

“Thanks, this is great!.”

Alicia, Paralegal

“Just wanted to call out a really good file. Investigator did a thorough and timely investigation. Multiple tasks assigned on 8/4. Completed by 8/9. Really nice job.”

Stephanie, Vendor Management Coordinator

“Very speedy turnaround times with optimum results for our claims decision.”

Angela, Claims Adjuster

“Thanks for the terrific job on this case. It has gone a long way towards helping resolve performance issues throughout the company.”

Allen, Security Director

“I am extremely pleased with Ethos turnaround time and the fact that such good information was found on a hospital canvass. All of my future canvasses are going to Ethos Risk Services.”

Chris, SIU Investigator

That is why I love you guys, you are the best”

Gregory, VP of Claims

“Impressive! This was an EXCELLENT find! I can’t fathom how you guys did it.”

Jim, Manager of Fraud Investigations

This case initially started with a few objectives and later spiraled into a very, very complex investigation that led to our insured who was a resident of Venezuela. The investigation will definitely result in several state fraud referrals as well as completely changing the outcome of this claim…The report is thorough and an example of what I expect to see from all of our investigators/vendors: professionalism, accuracy and integrity. I simply wanted give my thanks to the Ethos leadership and to extend my many thanks to the investigator for a job well done!”

Sam, Special Investigations

Thank you Ethos! Your investigator did an INCREDIBLE job on this case. I’m a former prosecutor who has worked with countless police officers and agents. As a civil lawyer, I use investigators all the time; Mike is the best and most responsive investigator I’ve seen (he’s as good as the best cops and agents I’ve worked with as well). Please make sure he is assigned to ALL of my cases in his geographic area where I use Ethos”

Casey, Legal Department Manager

“Great news! You guys did an incredible job on this case. I can’t sing Meagan’s and Ethos’ praises enough. The claimant and her attorney just accepted a 5k settlement based on your results. Let’s just say they were asking for a LOT more.  My sincere thanks. This settlement news was sent along to upper management and they are also thrilled”

Pete, Claims Adjuster

“I’ve been letting people know you have been doing a great job on our claims. I’ve been really satisfied, as has Bob. We’ve been recommending you a lot. I don’t know what the difference is really, but I seem to get a lot better results with your company than others. We really appreciate it too! Keep up the good work!”

Serena, Senior Claims Representative

“Thanks for the follow up on the case in Guatemala. My projection for right now is that it’s a done deal. Recommend that you compile your investigative report and invoice so we can get that squared away. Great job! I really appreciated the timely investigation and support.”

George, Director of SIU

“I love you guys! I use you more than others because you are better!”

Chuck, OM

“I really appreciate your diligence and quick follow up in this high profile case!”

Steven, Director of Claims

“I have tell you what a great job you and your team did on this assignment. You guys are the best!”

Dan, COO

“I appreciate the effort. The last two Subject Snapshot Investigation reports that I have received have been very good and very timely so I definitely will be sending more work to Ethos”

Kim, Claims Examiner

“I will be using you folks more because I love the quick response & turn around. I try to share the requests but the other vendors are just not as good as you all. So keep up the good work! Props to all!”

Lewis, Claims Representative

“Thanks Ethos! We would be lost without you guys.”

Sarah, Manager of Fraud Investigations

I’ve had a very favorable experience with Ethos and kudos to Mike for initially cold calling me. I understand how difficult it is to continuously turn out an excellent investigative product and Mike has been clearly instrumental in ensuring that product time and again. Conducting excellent field work is one thing, turning it into an excellent readable work product is another skill set and something Ethos understands and is clearly above most.”

Aaron, Legal Department

“Ashley, Thus far Art and I are impressed with the timeliness and  depth of follow up we have gotten from Mike on this case in Jamaica.  After the multiple disasters we have had with other carriers and the sense that cases were gone down a black hole, Art and I are already impressed.”

Mike, Director of Claims

“Perfect. Thanks for the update! I had another company doing the alive and well check and I could never get a response. I appreciate how prompt you guys are on everything!!!”

Larry, VP of Claims

“Dear Eric,  I feel compelled to write you to tell you what an incredible job you and your team did on my recent assignment. The case was extremely high profile that involved a shooting at our insured location.  Thankfully, we don’t have to deal with many shooting claims.  I had to act very fast to get out in front of this as quickly as possible.  My first call was to Ethos Risk Services. Within an hour, we had confirmation you could handle the investigation and an experienced SIU agent would be onsite the next day. The investigator obtained statements from all 5 witnesses and conducted a scene investigation on day 1! I received a polished, professional report from the investigator.  The report included a forensic caliber diagram of the site and crisp scene photographs. It was the next best thing to being there myself. Thanks Ethos! This is why you’re top of the list for all my SIU needs, no matter the situation or the exposure!”

Taylor, Senior Adjuster

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am that you guys jumped on this for me…you just earned number one investigative vendor for me!”

Neil, VP of Claims

“You’re doing really good work Mike. There’s tons of PI firms out there, but hands down Ethos is the best that I have ever used. I appreciate your efforts.”


James, Legal Department

“Awesome Information!!  Thanks for all the help Ethos!!”

Francis, OM

“Ed, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that Mike and Gerald have been absolutely invaluable in many investigations, but most recently in our successful raid last week in Puerto Rico. We could not have done it without them — without their help our investigation would have been dead in the water. I consider them friends as well as two of my most trusted work associates.”
Doug, Manager Fraud Investigations

“Like I said you guys are the best, I can’t believe how much you have gathered already!  Thank you, I look forward to it.”

Courtney, Senior Claims Representative

“Hi Bethany, I received your report and I am very impressed with the quality and the turnaround time!! Great Service!! You’ll be hearing from me again – thanks much.”

Alexandra, Senior Adjuster

“Justin, thanks again…great work! We are having someone go out on this today, based on your findings. Thanks for the heads up and letting me know. The client is very pleased too – let’s hope he is active at the game today!”
Kate, Claims Adjuster

“Hey guys I know that I come off as demanding but as long as I have the information needed, I am happy. I sent your report to my bosses to show them your work and they are very impressed. Thanks for working with me.”

Nate, VP of Claims

“GREAT job on this CPI package.  Client was very pleased and has assigned 2 days of surveillance as a result. I know finding this guy was a team effort, and I appreciate all of your hard work!”
Drew, COO

“Beth, I was very impressed with your internet mining and surveillance report. I believe we will be able to deny the claim based on your investigation.  I have submitted this case for fraud referral to the state. I just started using Ethos but I love your work product to date. Far superior than what I am used to getting. Thanks again.”
Peter, SIU Analyst

“Wow! Excellent service and great information! Glad I met your representatives at the FIFEC conference. Thanks a bunch!”
Nick, Claims Adjuster

“I got your report!  As I stated a few minutes ago…You guys are the best!”

Bill, Senior SIU Investigator

“Please, give the investigator a gold star for his fine work. Nice job!!!”
Joseph, Vice President

“I was pleased with the informal report and look forward to seeing the video. I would certainly recommend using you guys again. I think the investigator on this did a good job, was very proactive and it paid off!”

Ashley, Senior Adjuster

“I am so impressed with how much all of the Ethos Operations Managers know about each individual case. I know you guys manage a lot of cases and it’s almost like you memorize each case. It makes discussing cases so much easier.”


Stan, VP of Claims

“I’m new to the company and not used to assigning surveillance. You guys made the process so easy and with great results. I look forward to working with your team. “

Amy, Claims Adjuster

“I just wanted to let you know that the surveillance you did on this claimant was enough to convince the doctor that she did not need surgery after all. She has been released back to work. Great job to everyone over at Ethos.”

Nancy, Senior Adjuster

“I just wanted to let you know what a great job Ethos did on this assignment.  Your account representative, Bethany, kept me updated throughout the investigation.  The reports were good and best of all great surveillance.  Please send me your coverage map and more information packets.  I am going to recommend that we use Ethos more often! Thanks.”
Irene, Senior Adjuster

“Ed and Todd, I’m sorry that I missed your CE course, but my attendance was required at a teleconference with home office, at the same time. Anyway, I have received tremendous feedback on your presentation. Betty one of our field adjusters, among others, thought that it was an excellent presentation. Hopefully, this will prompt some additional referrals to your company.”
Jim, Front Line Process Expert

I wanted to say thank you for being persistent in getting us to utilize your services. The CPI product is FAR superior to the company I have been using and I am very impressed. I am a fan.
Mary, Senior Adjuster

“What great news!  The system does work sometimes.  Brian, we could not have done this without all the hard work you and your surveillance team did. If this hits the local paper, we would love to have a copy.  Thanks again.  What a great team.”
Kevin, Claims Adjuster

“We assigned this case to Ethos after having no luck with another vendor that lost the claimant after his doctor’s appointment and they were unable to locate and determine where the claimant was living.  During pre-surveillance efforts your investigator was able to locate the claimant’s residence.  During surveillance your investigator found the claimant working as a handyman.   The claimant was documented painting all day long and it was learned that he will be working on this house all month.  Great work!”


Jeff, Vice President

“It’s truly been my pleasure having Ethos as part of our team. Since we began using your services, the level of professionalism for these investigations and usability of the final reports has vastly improved over our previous service provider/s.You truly do have a remarkable team. I have greatly enjoyed the personal friendships and professional relationships we have developed at Ethos. Business has to be personal if it’s to be lasting… Here’s to looking forward to yet another year of hide-and-go-seek with our claimants!”
Tom, CEO

“I had given this case to another investigation company and they were unable to locate the claimant and sent me a $1500.00 invoice.  I couldn’t’ believe that you guys found him in one day for a fraction of the cost.  I’m glad I decided to give Ethos a shot.  More referrals coming your way.  Thanks again.”
Marc, Senior Claims Representative

“I just wanted to let you know that the surveillance you did on this claimant was enough to convince the doctor that she did not need surgery after all.   She has been released back to work.  Great job to everyone over at Ethos.”
Nancy, Senior Adjuster

“I have found Ethos to be an extremely reputable company.  They are always honest and make recommendations based on what is best for our company rather than trying to suggest services that are unnecessary.  Ethos is first on my list when making recommendations to my colleagues who are looking for good investigative companies.”
Andy, COO

Excellent job locating him. The prior firm retained an investigator who may have been given the runaround and they even made an attempt to locate this guy in Puerto Rico. It seemed fishy to me so you are looking great to this client for making contact with him. I thank you.
Jason, Claims Representative

“I am extremely pleased with Ethos turnaround time and the fact that such good information was found on a hospital canvass.  All of my future canvasses are going to Ethos Risk Services.”
Chris, SIU Investigator

Wow!  The surveillance results are amazing!! Thanks.  Please send me the video as soon as possible”
Ivan, Claims Adjuster

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