Debunking 5 Myths About Outsourcing IME’s

IMEs can be highly beneficial if your claimant's injuries seem exaggerated and you need a second opinion. However, there are some misconceptions about outsourcing IMEs that we're here to debunk:

By Carla Rodriguez | May. 6, 2024 | 3 min. read

As adjusters in the workers’ compensation field, you are well-versed about the benefits of Independent Medical examinations. IMEs can be highly beneficial if your claimant’s injuries seem exaggerated and you need a second opinion. However, there are some misconceptions about outsourcing IMEs that we’re here to debunk:


Myth #1: Outsourcing IMEs means losing control over the process.

When you outsource IMEs to a reputable company, you’re not losing control; you’re gaining efficiency. You can still dictate the terms of the examination and review the final report before making decisions.


Myth #2: Outsourcing IMEs is more expensive than conducting them in-house.

This statement will always be false. The overhead and training costs you save from outsourcing IME’s is simply good business. When you outsource your examinations to larger companies with expansive networks you reduce the risk of unfair opinions.


Myth #3: Outsourcing IMEs leads to delays in the claims process.

Efficiency is the main reason why thousands of large insurers outsource their independent medical exams. By tapping into a nationwide network of physicians you can reduce waiting around on physicians to agree taking on a lengthy IME case. Rather you have a pool of experts to choose from that are familiar with the process.


Myth #4: IMEs are a waste of time and money.

Actually, IMEs serve a valuable purpose in the claims process. They help you verify the extent of injuries, get a second opinion on the treatment plan, and determine the extent of disability. This information is crucial in resolving claims accurately and providing the patient with the benefits and time off they need to return to work safely.


Myth #5: Outsourcing IMEs is only beneficial for large insurance companies.

The reality is, that outsourcing IMEs can benefit insurance companies of all sizes. Smaller insurers choose to outsource this service because of the time and resources it takes for adjusters to take on IMEs and the rest of their workload. Allowing access to a broader network of medical professionals reduces the risk of bias and levels the playing field for even the smallest carriers.


Independent Medical Examinations are an essential tool for getting to the bottom of a claimant’s injury. This service can easily be bundled with surveillance when attempting to gather further information on a fraudulent case. Dealing with IMEs in-house might be cheaper in the short term but once disability claims start piling up you and your team won’t be able to keep up with the workload.

We understand these situations which is providing a trustworthy, reliable product is our promise. Contact us today and speak to our specialized IME team.