Complex Litigation Must-Haves: Premium Investigative Services

Premium investigation services differ from standard investigation procedures due to their high-end approach to background checks, 90 percent video capture rate, and top line SIU reports.

By Carla Rodriguez | Jan. 5, 2024 | 5 min. read

In this article, we delve into how complex litigation lawyers can benefit from having the right resources in their corner. We will describe the different services and features offered by a premium line of investigation and how that differs from standard procedure for these cases. Keep reading if you’ve ever had investigative challenges and how to resolve them on your next case.


What is Complex Litigation?

A complex litigation case can be described as a case that presents unusual circumstances and requires extraordinary treatment due to high-stakes outcomes. Examples of complex litigation cases may include:

1. Class actions
2. Environmental litigation
3. Mass torts
4. Antitrust claims
5. Investment losses
6. Or any insurance coverage claims arising out of any of the claims listed above


What Does Premium Investigation Look Like?

  • Rush Service
  • 24/7 operational support
  • Daily highlight clips
  • Tailored case reports
  • Hand-picked Investigators

These services are provided by highly skilled and specialized investigators, and play a crucial role in uncovering information against the plaintiff. Many factors determine whether a case qualifies as complex litigation such as the quantity of data, time requirements, and the number of potential witnesses. The aforementioned characteristics identify the case as unique. For example, a mass tort case represents a large scale of individuals who have all been similarly harmed by the same product or company.

An example of this would be the infamous Flint Michigan Water Crisis Litigation where the state of Michigan failed to provide its citizens with safe drinking water. All 100,000 citizens and businesses were harmed by the corroding pipes that ran poisonous, lead-tainted water through their taps.

Cases of this magnitude require the most advanced tools available. This is why we created EthosPLUS, a Premium Line of Unrivaled Investigative Services geared towards our complex litigation folks who need to bring out the big guns for their toughest cases.


The Benefits of Premium Investigation Services

Here are some examples illustrating how a complex litigation lawyer can leverage premium investigation services:

Uncovering Hidden Details:

In a complex financial fraud case, the lawyer suspects crucial evidence is hidden within a web of intricate transactions. The right investigators can meticulously examine financial records, trace money flows, and expose hidden details. For example, jury pool investigations are a great way of building a fair jury for your case. An expert investigator will scour everything including, bankruptcies, biases, affiliations, and marital status.

Strategic Witness Interviews:

In a high-stakes corporate dispute, key employees may possess critical information. Complex litigation investigators can conduct strategic interviews with these witnesses. You want the right person on your case because interviewing a witness is tougher than it sounds and it’s not every investigator’s strong suit. The ideal investigator will employ techniques to extract detailed and reliable information that might not surface through standard questioning. This ensures that the lawyer has a comprehensive understanding of the facts surrounding the case.

Surveillance for Substantiating Claims:

In a personal injury case with disputed claims of disability, you will need a video captured of the subject’s activity level. This may include evidence of the person engaging in physical activities contradictive to their claimed limitations, providing the lawyer with valuable evidence.

Background Checks for Credibility Assessment:

Background checks are highly valued in this industry and are used to verify the credibility of the individuals involved. You need a full background check that includes everything from criminal and civil record searches to SSN verification. The background check for a complex litigation case involves scrutinizing professional histories, financial backgrounds, and even social connections to reveal potential conflicts of interest or hidden motivations that could impact the case.

Real-time Monitoring:

In a protracted legal battle, the opposing party may shift strategies or introduce new elements. Premium investigators can engage in real-time monitoring, keeping a watchful eye on developments related to the case. A great way to engage in real-time monitoring and stay updated on new developments within the case is by implementing unmanned surveillance technology. Unmanned surveillance technology allows you to keep an eye on your subject 24/7, rain or shine. This technology doesn’t have the usual limitations of a traditional human investigator. It features proprietary, patent-pending smart cam technology that is waterproof with built-in GPS functionality.

Complex Document Analysis:

Complex litigation cases come with complex discovery and depositions. Many times these cases are multijurisdictional meaning both state and federal laws are involved or there are multiple states in the mix. In these cases, you need evidence that will 100% be valid in court and can undergo a scrutinous discovery process. For example, if your investigator is conducting surveillance but happens to cross state lines while doing so, the evidence acquired from a state that they are not licensed in will not hold up in court. Premium line investigators will have multiple state licenses or hire out additional investigators to be their eyes and ears.


Is This a Must-Have For You?

Premium investigative services are the key to helping you solve the toughest of cases, but not every claim that makes it to court needs one.  From uncovering hidden details to strategic witness interviews, EthosPLUS is designed for lawyers handling high-stakes cases. Tight deadlines are an issue of the past, rush service is always available and complementary depending on the service. With every service request, you can expect a concise summary of focal points, a red flags summary list, and a tailored analysis of all database results. Breeze through long surveillance videos by watching our condensed highlight clips – a popular feature among clients. Sleep well at night knowing all your questions will be answered within the hour by our EthosPLUS team. Let our investigators show you the power of having an expert in your corner.

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