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Debunking 5 Myths About Outsourcing IME’s

As adjusters in the workers’ compensation field, you are well-versed about the benefits of Independent Medical examinations. IMEs can be highly beneficial if your claimant’s injuries seem exaggerated and you need a second opinion. However, there are some misconceptions about outsourcing IMEs that we’re here to debunk:   Myth #1:… Read More

May. 6, 2024 3 min. read


Guide for Workers Comp Adjusters: When to Use an IME?

Jan. 12, 2024 5 min. read


Top 5 Reasons to Request an Independent Medical Examination

Nov. 13, 2023 6 min. read


What is an IME? (And Why They’re Needed)

Sep. 18, 2023 5 min. read